Napatak Ramble / Line Up

Napatak Ramble / Line Up

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collected an audience of fans across North America drawn to simple honest words and a genuine smile. Having released 4 full-length albums to date, Fitzgerald has spent his career since 2006 creating music, touring, developing as a songwriter, and connecting with audiences. Fitzgerald’s unique and innovative ideas coupled with his inherent warmth allow him to engage with people in a way that always leaves them meaningfully connected.

Metis Music Fiddler

We have been playing Métis fiddle music, this year marking 25 year’s. We have travelled across Canada and into the USA performing at festivals and for Métis Squaredancer’s. In 2012 We were up for Aboriginal People’s Choice for best male entertainer and best fiddle CD of the year. In 2010 had the opportunity to open for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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Eliza Mary Doyle

Bright, feisty and fierce, this banjo playin’ troubadour of exceptional talent and vision delivers a live show with energy that reaches audiences beyond the stage with her spontaneous and contagious energy. With her band, they’re described as sweet as honey and raw as hide. Authentic, raw and real Saskatchewan talent, Eliza has been working in Stanley Mission developing music programming in the area, and has expanded to Hall Lake, Sucker River, Senator Myles Venn and Bells Point. Come see what all the fuss is about! You’ll be kicking up your heels and tapping your toes in no time!

Funky Bus

Always looking for the next groove, Funky Bus aims to get you dancing by playing a mix of funk, soul, motown and R&B style with classic and modern covers. The bus makes regular stops in the La Ronge area and picks up other local musicians looking for a lift to another stop along their funky way.

Dara Schindelka

Dara is a singer/songwriter who shares courage, freedom, and love in her music. She has two full length features of original music with SaskTel Max, an award winning debut EP, and continues to make her mark on the music world. Online concerts with Stay Human Productions, Rock Against Racism, & FemFolk UK are among the highlights of last year and her song, “the Covid Christmas” streamed worldwide last year. 2021 has new covers and originals from Dara with more to come.

Kristopher Craig, an integral part of her music journey, will be joining Dara this year at the Ramble. Kristopher has toured across North America, Asia, and Europe as a musician with the Funk Brothers, Serena Ryder, and with his own musical projects. In the last decade he has taken on the role of music director for Cunard Cruise Lines out of the UK. Together Kristopher and Dara make musical magic you won’t soon forget.

As Above So Below

Alternative housing enthusiasts.

Lightning Creek

Take decades of hardscrabble music background, playing everywhere from northern halls that open after the bar closes to biker weddings and New Year’s gigs on the bald prairie at -40 and you will find some of the chemistry that flows in Lightning Creek. Originally coming together to play blues and acoustic country over 30 years ago, forming and reforming bands with and without each other, playing everything from original roots music to grunge and hair band metal, these guys have come back home to what they love –  not necessarily wiser, but definitely well experienced.

Their sound features vocals of both Randy Johns and Greg Jones, and is driven by Johns’ acoustic rhythms and the virtuoso blues harp playing of Jones. All of this is underpinned by the foundation of John Bell’s bass and Aaron Bell”s  drumming and coloured by Wapun’s stage presence.

Their repertoire takes you on a journey of roots/blues stylings by greats such as John Mayall and John Prine, while visiting vivid pictures of Saskatchewan’s  landscape through original songs that are set against backdrops of wildfire, floods, rolling thunder and frozen lakes. So, imagine you are invited to a cabin by Lightning Creek. There’s a storm outside, but you’ll stay dry. Sit back and enjoy while these guys play!


Northern Creek

Back for their second Ramble appearance, the Layton family is joined by Morgan’s good friend Rachel Kay to form Northern Creek. After over a year of only playing in our music room we are all so excited to share our music again with all of the ramblers. 

Its Just Andrea

I am Andrea, just Andrea. I grew up in La Ronge Sask, music has been a part of my life for a good 17 years. I am a former Prevention Services Youth Worker and going back to school to acquire a diploma in Mental Health & Wellness.Growing up I was the weird kid, sat alone at lunch and couldn’t keep a solid group of friends, but that’s just me! That’s just who I was and who I am as a person; the last puzzle piece that did not quite fit, so I’ve surrounded myself with many other unique puzzle pieces and I find myself happier these days.When I’m not playing an instrument or singing, I’m helping at-risk youth with their struggles in life, I’m developing new skills every day to help people, especially the youth who suffer with anxiety & depression, while battling with my own struggles and music is the one thing that makes everything better.

poe lacey

Two siblings getting together and working through their troubles with music.

Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie is a 3-piece canadian alternative/ rock band from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. The band formed in 2021 from a collection of introverted music lovers who met in a garage 10 band class and couldn’t get enough Radiohead, Muse, or Paramore. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses classics from the 90s and epic guitar solos with keys and drums that will make you want to get up and belt it out! Grasshopper Pie have performed over 1 shows and have had the pleasure of opening for iconic bands like: Radiohead, Muse, and Paramore.
“shut up, my favourite song is playing”


Take a step back to a simpler time with the comforting and relatable songs of Stargaze. The newest duo out of Stanley Mission, Sk. consists of
Brittany McLeod and Tayson McLeod-Ballantyne. Come and chill out to the sounds of the ukulele, keyboard and acoustic guitar, and let their sweet melodies drift you among the stars.

Aaron Bell

I was active in the local La Ronge music scene between 2003-2007 playing music with Cheers to Me. Since then, I’ve been writing and playing solo material.


After dumping Pat, and kicking Kyle to the curb, Jim, Colin, Tab and Mike plan on sending echoes across Potato Lake.