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Ramble Line Up 2024! Pics, Bios and Vids Below

Youtube playlist

Five Alarm Funk

Five Alarm Funk is Canada’s premiere sonic and visual assault. With 20 years experience, in high voltage Funk infusion, FAF has carved a new path of live entertainment. The engagement, the hilarity, the precision and execution have heralded these manic Funk Bots with eight studio albums, two JUNO nominations, three Western Canadian Music Awards and a rap sheet of positive reviews. Over the last 20 years, the band has toured premiere festivals across the globe in Canada, USA, Taiwan and even all the way to Mali, Africa at the UN headquarters. Five Alarm is ready to take this fun, energized, atomic economic sonic and visual ritual to your doorstep. In the words of front man & drummer Tayo Branston: “Let’s Funkin’ GO!!”


Lyssa and the Try-Tones

Born from a mutual desire to keep soul music alive and real in the modern age, Lyssa and the Try-Tones sound like something you’d hear pressed onto vinyl coming out of Detroit in the 1970s. True to the spirit of the genre, the band records all their songs live off the floor. Showcasing real musicianship while keeping it real in an old school kind of way.


The North Sound

At the heart of great songwriting is great storytelling. For The North Sound, songs are a declaration of joy, a hallmark of yearning, and a tender tale of honesty. Yet amidst the rawness, trials and tribulations, there are notes of hope and happiness. This is the duo at their best: Sharing stories in the way they know how.

Forged deep in Treaty 7 Territory, where the prairies rush towards the foothills, The North Sound is a partnership between lead singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Forrest Eaglespeaker and vocalist and composer Nevada Eaglespeaker. A fusion of authentic voices, crisp harmonies and rollicking/burgeoning indie folk-roots rock, the duo — a married couple — weave and wend through themes of family and connection, recovery and addiction. As partners who play and write together, the themes of family, love and sacrifice are inescapable — in their shared sojourn, Forrest and Nevada have forged the core of a rock solid collaboration. And at the heart and soul of the group is an incredible story of two people who stuck it out and found a collective voice to breathe life into tribulations and traditions.

Jacquie Daniels

Gather ’round, y’all, for the tale of Jacquie Daniels and the Blank Slates, a true-blue Metis Outlaw Country Artist. With a microphone in hand and a heart ablaze with rebellion, her journey began. She’s armed with a horn section and a cowhide-clad stand-up bass, embodying a mix of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and the spirit of the queen herself, Dolly Parton. But there’s more – she proves women can sling outlaw swagger just as fierce. Think Dolly’s allure with a dash of Jenning’s no-nonsense edge – she’s an artist who knocks you flat while sparklin’ in rhinestones.

Now, her recent triumphs: Jacquie waltzed away as Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year at the 2023 North America Country Music Awards International. A stamp of approval that can’t be ignored. After conquering the globe, she learned from legends at a Nashville songwritin’ boot camp, where ol’ Jennings’ spirit still lingers.

She’s shared stages with Clayton Bellamy, Donna & Leroy, Lisa Hewitt, and Donny Parenteau – names that carry weight. Her achievements stretch far, from snaggin’ Best Original Song at YYC Rising Star 2022, shakin’ up the Jim Beam National Talent Search and Canadian Music Week, to settin’ stages ablaze as an opener.

With Canada Council of the Arts support, Daniels is in the studio cookin’ a debut album, channeling the soul of Loretta Lynn and an untamed outlaw spirit akin to Sturgill Simpson’s “Cuttin Grass, Vol. 1” merged with Hank Williams Jr.’s “All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down.”Armed with vocals that remind you of well-worn leather and hardwood floors made for two-stepping, guitar chops that’ll make you holler, and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude that won’t back down, let me tell ya, Jacquie Daniels is the epitome of outlaw country. And mark my words, you’d be downright foolish to miss out on what she’s bringin’ to the table, partners.



Music has been at the heart of this dynamic kinship since the duo met over a decade ago. It’s no
surprise that their songs are timeless and incomparable. Burnstick’s signature sound is driven by
Jason’s proficient playing of 100-year-old Weissenborn lap slide guitars, resonating intently with
Nadia’s rich and striking vocals. Together, Burnstick pushes the boundaries of contemporary folk
music. It’s hard to deny the magic they create as they command the stage with their palpable
performances and harmony-laced songs. In 2019, Nadia Burnstick, francophone-Métis, and Jason
Burnstick, Plains-Cree, released their JUNO-nominated debut album, Kîyânaw (Cree: Us), featuring
thunderous singles “Pay No Mind” and CFMA Single of the Year “Some Kind of Hell”. Furthermore,
with their unique ability to compose authentic and expressive soundscapes, they have worked on a
multitude of award-winning film and television projects throughout the years. A family unified and
guided by music, Burnstick has no plans of stopping anytime soon, as they are set to release their
sophomore album this spring.


The Brothers G

The Brothers G is a dynamic quartet hailing from Hafford, Saskatchewan, whose music seamlessly blends the raw grit of a gravel road with the soulful resonance of blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll. Their timeless yet alternative sound is derived by Jason Gall’s smoky vocals, Jordan Gall’s powerhouse drumming, the grungy bass and smooth slide guitar work of Elias Brevik and the sonic texturing of Kit Langfield on guitar, mandolin, and keyboards. With roots planted firmly in prairie soil, but drawing on the influences of Classic Rock, Country and Blues, The Brothers G have crafted a sound that is uniquely their own. Their recently released self-titled album, an ambitious project recorded live at their home studio, captures the raw and compelling essence of their captivating live performance. From festivals to intimate venues, their music resonates with audiences, and has been featured by North Sask Music Zine on numerous occasions.


The Ramble House Band

Take a trip with us and flash back to the best of the 70s, a time of less user-friendly audio formats and long before the digital age. These classics will make you reminisce, groove, rock, and maybe even learn to love again. Presented to you by our fantastic house band featuring local guest artists. You won’t want to miss the experience featuring music immortalized on vinyl, cardboard and album sleeves!

Josh + Bex

Josh + Bex are a Canadian Dream Folk duo from the Okanagan Valley of BC. Their spellbinding harmonies and honed yet rustic sound, meet at the intersection of hope and sorrow – giving space to let their songs explore light, love, pain, connection and nature. Close your eyes and think Tim Burton meets Fleetwood Mac — creating a haunting, yet soothing and familiar dreamscape.


Kitty & the Rooster

Kitty & The Rooster is a surf rock n’ roll duo from Vancouver featuring Jodie Ponto on the stand-up cocktail drumkit and Noah Walker on electric guitar. They are known for their big sound, laugh out loud lyrics, and ridiculously fun shows.

Kitty & The Rooster has toured all across Canada, played a cluck-ton of festivals including Vancouver Folk Fest, opened for Shannon & The Clams, and released two albums called One Gig Hard Drive and Ain’t Pussyfootin’ Around.


I, The Mountain

I, the Mountain is a four-piece, indie-folk band based in Kitchener, ON. Known for their joyous harmonies, interactive live performances, and passion for building community through music, the band has built a fanbase of loyal “Mountaineers” across Canada.

The group is making waves in Canadian music circles and has performed with internationally renowned acts such as The Strumbellas, Elliott Brood, Born Ruffians, and Busty & the Bass. Since 2022, I, the Mountain has won over crowds at Mariposa Folk Festival, Hillside Festival, Riverfest Elora, Sound of Music Festival, Peterborough Folk Fest, Muskoka Music Festival, and more. Now, I, the Mountain is taking the next bold step in their journey by bringing their gorgeous four-part harmonies to stages all across Canada.


Lost Highway Navigators

Lost Highway Navigators deliver original swinging honky-tonk tunes that recall the classic country music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

“You’ll hear straight-up 4/4 country shuffle tunes, some Harlan Howard classics, one or two barnburners, a trucking song, a  tearjerker, and a handful of songs about love gone wrong for all the right reasons. On the way, expect some Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills, Harlan Howard, George Jones, Merle Haggard, and more.”

“We call our music ‘Cosmic Honky-tonk’. But really, it’s simple, old-fashioned, swallow-and-grin country music.  Expect pedal steel, fiddle, telecaster, upright bass, harmonica, and a sackful of tunes about lovin’, hurtin’,drinkin’ and flirtin’.


Oscar's Hollow

Oscar’s Hollow is a Saskatoon-based rock band formed in 2016.  With songs that blend first-person storytelling with the frankness of a good confession, the group’s music evokes comparisons to outfits like The Band or Blue Rodeo the way a yellow 1974 F150 might remind you of the late-summer sun on the prairies.

The band’s current lineup consists of Kris Mihilewicz playing guitar, Byron Shaw on bass, Kurt Burnett on the drums and Darryl Dozlaw playing mostly keys. Lead vocal duties are shared between Mihilewicz and Dozlaw, with everyone contributing background vocals. Having self-produced two EP’s: Oscar’s Hollow (2018) and Now Playing (2019), the band is in the studio recording a full-length album due in 2024. With 6 years playing shows and festivals in venues large and small, Oscar’s Hollow is a premier live band, and not to be missed!


Nevaeh Dyson

Nevaeh Dyson is a storytelling singer/songwriter based in British Columbia. Centering her songwriting around openness and sincerity, she gives an unfiltered insight into each corner of her thoughts and experience. Inspired by artists such as Jewel, The Lumineers, and Brandi Carlile, she creates an environment full of comfortable conversation. At the age of 18, she toured solo from BC to Newfoundland and will be playing through Western Canada and the UK in 2024. With a love for acoustic folk and roots music, her songs paired with her unique playing style and powerful lyrics create her truthfully quirky and dynamic sound. A true love for what she does shines through with every word written, spoken, and sung.


Mary Liv

Mary Liv has been playing music for over 10 years. She started in classical and Canadian old
time music and grew up going to John Arcand Fiddle Fest. She has been teaching music privately for five years. In 2022, she started working for CAMP and got to work in Buffalo Narrows and Stanley Mission schools. She now works for Fiddles North as well, spending January 2024 in Nunavut teaching traditional fiddle to underserved youth. Through her years of experience, she has learned how to teach to different ages, levels, and learning styles. Mary Liv has a strong focus on the value of community and music, she has started and supported many music programs in her community and others. Mary Liv just released her debut album, Fiddlin’ Around, and has been touring this past year. She is set to tour March 2024 as well. Mary Liv also plays banjo and fiddle in Five Guys Named Dave, fiddles for Jake Vaadeland and The Local Group, plays guitar/banjo/fiddle/bass in her band, Mary Liv and Emmy Lou, and plays with just about anyone who asks her. She is excited to be working on a new, all originals, album in 2024!

poe lacey

Originally local to La Ronge, poe lacey has taken many forms. From a full band experience, to a brother-sister duo, and this year, a singer-songwriter solo performance. poe lacey uses a blend of genres, melancholy chord progressions, and somber lyricism as a form of self expression. Their ideal is that if at least one person can relate, they’re doing something right.


Mums' night out

It’s high time for a good time – Mums’ Night Out.

Linden Cooper – La Ronge, SK
Jille Shotton – Saskatoon, SK

Tammam Alshoofi

Tammam has recently immigrated from Al Swaida, Syria. Tammam started playing Oud when he was 16 years old, and has composed many of the songs you will hear him play. Tammam is honoured to be welcomed to La Ronge and to be part of the Ramble!

Aaron Stockdale

Aaron is a long time resident of La Ronge and has been writing music for most of his life.  For the ramble he will be performing solo with a mix of classic, alternative, and prog rock, meant to both move your mind and body.